The LucidCX difference

Our difference is reflected in the awards won for innovation in customer care, record supplier ratings and our long-standing relationship with leading global brands.

In sixteen years, we have never lost a client.

Nine reasons why you should get in touch.

Hoping that a product specs sheet, 60 FAQs and a shallow troubleshooter will cover customer care needs may have worked 15 years ago but is now woefully inadequate in the face of increasing product complexity, ever-evolving platforms and more demanding customers.

Instead of adopting a cookie-cutter approach, our team of experts delivers frequent updates to ensure we always provide the right response to diverse, ever-changing customer needs ranging from product usage, regulatory changes and platform updates to less-predictable call drivers such as security threats, client environmental policies, Covid-19 and 5G fake news.

Very few services and products work in isolation – if a customer has a problem connecting a smartphone you sell with a soundbar you don’t, would you rather spend 3 minutes resolving the issue or 15 minutes failing to prove it’s the soundbar at fault? We uniquely find answers to what your customers demand, even if it involves a product you do not sell.

As a result of sophisticated analysis of real-life customer demands, we answer thousands more real-life queries than other solutions and typically address ten times more problems in our troubleshooting, making our solutions ultra-effective in all channels.

No more walls of text or static images. We use the most appropriate content for the issue we are addressing and make sure everyone from the novice to the expert is left satisfied. Our range of content ranges from explainer videos for concepts to product simulators for walkthroughs to videos for physical actions and everything in-between.

Free-roam product simulators, 3D models, explainer videos, on-device diagnostics, A.I. chat integration, natural language search, reverse logistics management. All provide a single source of truth and consistent customer journey across digital, retail, call centres and head-office and offering seamless channel switching.

From onboarding through to repair, returns and upgrade, we cover customer care needs at every step of the journey in each channel.

We offer an award-winning service cherished by leading global brands. We deliver up to 80% call deflection, 50% AHT reduction, 74%+ repair avoidance, 80% NFF reduction and record CSAT levels.

We are partners – we share all our insight about your customers and our accumulated experience of transforming care journeys with you, transforming your customer journeys for the good of your customers and your bottom line. We are transformative – enabling companies to redeploy 2nd and 3rd line support, migrate many journeys into digital channels, re-engineer the reverse logistics journey and transform customer satisfaction.

We can provide digital, retail and call centre platforms if you do not have them, but just as easily plug into existing CMS, CRM, retail and chat platforms.

With thousands of products covered across many product types (banking, audio-visual, IoT, connected living, computing), we can transform your care in days.

Our codeless process automation will transform your customer journeys in hours.

Still looking for reasons? Get in touch and we’ll show you more.