We’re no monster

We don’t present an awkward popup telling you how much we care about your privacy and then make you click through a list of over a thousand vendors before searching for the correct button to click to save your choices.

Here is what we actually do:

  • You’ll see a cookie called _wpfuuid.  This cookie does not contain or represent any personal information or entry details whatsoever. It’s simply a random collection of numbers and letters that can be used by the contact form and will help us collect partial information if you don’t submit it. This is exactly like the ‘you didn’t complete checkout’ emails you sometimes get when you’re procrastinating over that awesome suit of armour you were eyeing up. Forgive us if we contact you this way but sometimes people lose their connection, run out of battery or just have second thoughts about submitting.

  • You may see some tracking links. These are ‘single shot’ and like all good visitors to the countryside we leave no trace. We may note your IP address and what pages you visit on our site but will not read any third party cookies or create any (other than the one above).

  • If you do submit your details, they go to a shared email address. This is seen by our sales and account management team and will also make its way into Salesforce. We’ll keep these details while we’re following up your enquiry or when we hit it off and do business together. If you want us to remove them at any time, please ask.

    We promise to take care of them a lot better than others may have.

If you have any questions about privacy, please say hello@likewize.support and we’ll get back to you.